We Are Visual Content Providers

Reaction Studios has been providing visual content for the marketing and advertising community for nearly 20 years. Launched in 1996 as a commercial photography studio, Reaction has worked with some of the largest and smallest companies in the world. Beginning his career working with film and Polaroids, founder and owner Tom Kanthak quickly realized and grasped the power of the digital revolution learning and mastering digital capture and editing / retouching. Throughout its existence Reaction has taken pride in staying ahead of the crowd and creating fun, creative and innovative imagery. Three years ago Reaction Studios broke into the world of CGI (computer generated imagery). During that time they found and nurtured an amazing team of visual artists, modelers and animators. Yep that’s us up above, three guys and two dogs. We spent that time learning, experimenting and refining our process. We use traditional photography and video along with CGI, digital illustration and retouching to generate just about any type of image imaginable. Is it a photograph, illustration, video or animation? It’s a cross pollination of methods that doesn’t have a name or label, but most people have just taken to calling it “wow”. And by the way, every piece of content on our site has been generated by those three guys (and two dogs). Take a look, ask us some questions and give us your imagination.